Michael Weyna, winemaker. His 33 years in the wine industry gives him perspective and patience. His winemaking is more of an intuitive exploration. 
It's the process of winemaking that drives Michael forward. "Winegrowing is the intersection between art, science and nature. Each component is key and each makes music. It's like being in a rock band." Michael lives and rejoices in the Napa valley with his wife and two sons.
Robert Mintz, senior partner. A Chicago-based corporate attorney and entrepreneur with a long friendship history with Michael formed the foundation for Stave 28.  Rob was present at the very first spark that became Stave 28.   Rob resides with his partner Candy in great happiness in Lake Forest , Illinois. 
Jared Vegosen and Dan Gunsberg, partners. Jared and Dan round out the team and provide essential support and effervesence to the program.